Taoist Massage Summer Retreat 2017: Chi Nei Tsang I, July from 13th to 16th

Taoist Massage Course: 

Chi Nei Tsang I
July from 13th to 16th 2017

Course program:
CHI NEI TSANG: consist on a traditional Chinese therapeutic massage, developed deeply by the Grand Taoist Master Mantak Chia within the ‘Universal Healing Tao System’, focused on providing the inner organs a renewal boost by working with the hands on Dan Tien (or Hara), helping to release the emotions effects and to recover our centre.
It is an ideal supplement to SHIATSU, TUINA, Thai Massage, etc.

The content of this course matches the Chi Nei Tsang level 1 and will grant the
Certification of Chi Nei Tsang 1st level from Universal Healing Tao System.


Chi Nei Tsang’ is a Chinese term that refers to the inner organs massage. It helps getting rid of the negative stress effects and faster healing by precise techniques carried out directly on the navel and around the abdominal area, where stress, negative emotions and tensions tend to accumulate and become congested.

In our western culture we refer to the belly as the ‘second brain’, while Chinese call it ‘Tan Tien’, which means ‘ground of the elixir’. When the abdominal area stays tense for too long and goes stiff the energy along the whole body gets blocked. When this happens the energy that is expected to develop our vital functions gets also blocked in such way our inner organs slowly weaken and the available energy level for our activities decreases.
Chi Nei Tsang massage releases negative emotions, tension and diseases very quickly, providing comfort and wealth to our belly as well as energy enough to all of our inner organs.

This technique has proven to be very effective in the treatment of irritable colon syndrome and constipation among numerous other diseases. Forth, it removes toxins from the digestive tract and helps lymphatic drainage functioning.

A method for unblocking energy.

The vital energy, Qi, flows along our inner channels, the nervous system, blood vessels and lymphatic glands. All this systems meet and interweave at the bely, area that work at our control centre. Tensions, worries and the daily, monthly and yearly stress accumulate in this area, and are rarely dissolved if we don’t work with purpose. These disturbances can cause nervous knots and blockages in blood and lymphatic vessels. As a result, the energy flow throughout the whole body gets gradually blocked. 

The ancient Taoists realized that negative emotions cause severe damage on the health, influencing negatively on both the bodily and the spiritual functions. They understood that the different emotions are expressing different kinds of energy, and so behind any physical disease we can find a negative energy associated with an emotion. They also discovered a very specific cycle of relationships between the organs and the emotions. For example, feeling stomach-ache can be an evidence of surpassing mental worries, because worry expresses a kind of negative energy that tends to accumulate specially in the spleen and stomach. Furthermore, the Taoists discovered the way to heal numerous diseases by releasing these negative forces out of the body, as well as toxins in the physical side of our system. They developed the art of Chi Nei Tsang to transform the negative energies that get stuck blocking the inner organs and growing knots at the bely.

This way Chi Nei Tsang releases the toxins, the unhealthy emotions and the overheating or cold effects that are making our organs work inappropriately.

In addition to the Chi Nei Tsang training we offer every morning 
QI GONG & MEDITATION practice on the BEACH:

Qi Gong is an inner art that developes at the same time a deeper self-knowledge, enhances an inner potential awakening and consciousness expansion, establishing our body and mental health. Through this millenary discipline that the wise Chinese culture led us, developed by both Taoist and Buddhist traditions we can keep fitness, enhance vitality, extend our lifetime and cultivate the spirit. Qi Gong practice inherits a wide variety of exercises and energy taming techniques that coordinate soothing movements and conscious breath.

Meditation is the fundamental core of the practice through which we can achieve a direct, real and unavoidable experience that lead us to perceive the Great Unity of everything. Not only as a philosophy, the meditation knowledge funded as a direct transmission from master to disciple through thousands of years. Merged on the clairvoyant meditators ability of watching and focusing the consciousness to different aspects of Nature, they achieved to understand directly the way of Heaven, Earth and Human kind. The result of this meditation experience and transmission is an holistic view that we inherit trough the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Music, Poetry, Feng shui, I Ching oracle, dance, etc.

Our summer courses are an opportunity to share in depth the experience that we try to transmit in daily classes, formation courses and retreats. By living together we try to strengthen a deeper relationship between practice mates that settle a trustful mood for our lone work, grown up deeper in such a harmonic environment we always find a great stimulation to advance in our search of self-knowledge.

Every morning we will enjoy practice and meditation at the beach shore.

During the free time you can enjoy the surrounding nature and swimming pool.

We organize hiking routes in the charming surroundings with centenary trees, evening bonfire with chants, music, story telling and poetry and more surprises you will discover by your own!

Course taught by:

  • Master Jutta Kellenberger:

Jutta Kellenberger did her first course with Mantak Chia in 1987. 

She had practised previously opening the Microcosmic Orbit studying his books. 
From then she devoted to the practise that healed her body, mind and spirit following this complete teachings system. This led her to increase the available energy for her daily life and spiritual awakening.

After attaining the instructor degree in 1990, she started to teach the Universal Tao System, whilst she kept working as flight stewardess. 
In 1997 Mantak Chia built his own centre in Thailand, where Jutta spent her holydays, and so in the same year she and her husband Walter accepted the opportunity to live, teach and work in the Tao Garden as Senior Instructors.

  • Master Vasudeva (Fernando Liuzzi):
National Tai Ji Quan, Qi Gong and Kung fu (5th dan) master in Spain.
Yoga and Meditation master with more than 30 years of constant practice on teaching.

Since 2000, he is Qi Gong, Tai Ji Quan, Kung Fu and Meditation teacher in the University of Granada Sports Facilities.

He runs the Retreat Centre «Lake of the Seven Stars»(Lago de las Siete Estrellas, in Spanish) and the martial arts School Wudang Shan, both in Granada’s province. 

He is President of the Spanish Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong Association ‘Wudang Shan’. 
He is also Director of the inner Kung Fu styles department (i.e. Tai Ji, Qi Gong, etc.) in the National Spanish Association of Chinese Martial Arts Clubs ‘ Union Wushu’.

He is also instructor of the Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao System in Spain and Argentina.

He attained his Shiatsu (Japanese therapeutic massage based on the traditional Chinese medicine) degree in the European Shiatsu School in Malaga, Spain.
He attained his acupuncture degree in the Nei Jing School.

(*More about the School Master in spanish: » Escuela Wudang / Maestro Fernando Liuzzi».) 

The Lake of the Seven Stars is a Retreat Center located in a terrain situated in the heart of nature, in the Valley of Joy …the
Lecrin Valley (province of Granada, Andalusia) halfway between Granada
and the Costa Tropical
, at the foot of Sierra Nevada and next to the
Alpujarra of Granada. It is 25 minutes from the BEACHES and CALAS of the
Costa del Sur (Costa Tropical).

It has a privileged location, since it is in a small advance of land on the Reservoir of Béznar that provides a view on the Lake of more than 180 degrees.

The Lake of the Seven Stars has two SPACES COVERED where the activities are carried out outdoors. This year we also premiered a spacious JAIMA Arabe where we can perform various sheltered and fresh practices.

The terrain has many TREES planted in terraces and shaded green spaces. As well as a beautiful pond («The Golden Flower Pond») full of fish, frogs, lotus flowers and aquatic plants.

And it is equipped with SWIMMING POOL, with a CAMP ZONE and with a place to make EVENING BONFIRES.


You can confirm your booking by doing a transfer of €100 per person in 
the BMN Caja Granada Bank, account number: ES71 0487 3109 14 2000000622
(Swift/Bic code: GBMNESMMXXX)

(The purpose of this payment in advance is to confirm a place, so we don’t refund it in case of back down.)

Price : €440 per person.

Price for single meal (for those that choose not lodging with us): €10

Students under 25 years old, couples, our formation courses pupils and any other person that participate in our summer Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong course enjoy a 10% discount 
(not accumulative).


Vegetarian center.



The retreat starts on the evening of Wednesday 12th  July, and ends on the afternoon of Sunday 16th July.

For those without car we organize a pick up meeting spot in Granada City, on Wednesday 12th afternoon.

If this option doesn’t fit to your necessity, please ask us more information.

(+34) 622 39 80 47

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